EL Houthi launchs accusation demand recognition for Sana

Abd El Malek El Houthi
Mosnad News - Special Coverage   [ الثلاثاء, 13 ديسمبر, 2016 12:00:00 صباحاً ]

Yemen's Houthi group leader Abd El Malek El Houthi renewed his accusations to United states, Israel, Arabian alliacne countries of conspiration, calling to recognise the coup government in Sana'a.
 It comes in his latest speech on the occasion of the Prophet Muhammed Birthday, as his words didn't carry any signals about supporting the international attempts of peace. His speech also didn't mention any solutions which the coup government would use to face hard inhuman conditions millions of Yemen people live, because of blocking salaries, services collapse and bad economical conditions.
Activists in Yemen  descriped the speech of El Houthi with "disgusting", as it ignores Yemen people suffering that Houthis caused, they also said that his speech proved that he free services for USA and Israel.

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