Clashes intensifies in Yemen

Mosnad News – Exclusive   [ الإثنين, 12 ديسمبر, 2016 10:54:00 مساءً ]

Heavy Clashes erupted between people resistance backed-national armyand Houthi militants and Saleh in alot of areas in Taez governorate, amid heavy shell by Houthis on residential quarters in the city.
 Sources said to Mosnad News, "clahes erupts today morning in the west front, El Khamseen street and other areas, national army guns destroyed staff affiliated to Saleh and Houthi militants in El Khamseen and 24 street crossroad in Taaez north west".
 Houthis focused its heavy shells on Kamp, El Sharaf, Thabat and Saleh quarters in the east side, beside the endowments office, as Houthis localized on El Selal hights, El Gaasha and Softel.
A Source in Taez country sides said that intermittent clshes erupted in Hefan front, as cannons from national army and Houthi militants in El Akbosh and El Kaaosh opened fire on each other.

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